About Us

About Us


Want to know what makes us different? Our experience and service. It might sound simple, but often in the construction industry finding tradesmen who genuinely care is often the hardest part.

We would rather not work on a project unless we can be truly proud of the end product. These days now, more than ever, reputation is king and to us, quality is everything. We honestly believe that we deliver the best service in the industry.

Pool Windows has been sourcing, fabricating ad installing acrylic panels throughout Australia and the world for over 15 years. Our reputation is built on experience and integrity.


Taking the time to do it right

Providing quality service and exceptional results for our clients is not only something that is expected of us, but something we take pride in. We seek to build long-term relationships with our clients, whether they be the builder, pool builder or architect.


We achieve this by ensuring that we communicate openly from project start to finish and by ensuring that all of our installations are overseen by the director himself. We stake this claim by providing one of the highest levels of warranty inclusions in the market:

5 year silicone seal warranty and a 30 year acrylic manufacturers’ warranty against yellowing and crazing.


We are passionate about creating tailored solutions for our clients and their projects that not only meet but exceed their expectations. After all, when it all boils down to it we are often contributing to the creation of somebody’s dream home. This is the place they will call ‘home’. And that’s a big deal. We understand that our Pool Windows can be one of the biggest features in our end client’s home or landscape, and getting not only the finish right but also the long-term durability of that installation is paramount.