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Our Services

Worldwide Installation


Based in Australia, we have worked on projects all around the globe. Turkey, Singapore, Italy and nationwide throughout Australia. Fully licenced and insured to carry out work in all states and territories of Australia you can rest assured your project is being carried out by professionals.


Why Choose Acrylic?


Acrylic has a higher impact resistance than glass, can be cut and formed to a variety of shapes (such as curved tunnels as seen in large scale underwater worlds), and unlike glass it can be easily polished if scratched.

Glass must also be laminated to withstand water pressure which can result in a greenish tint. Acrylic therefore, has a higher optical clarity than glass .

The top edge of acrylic can also be polished for maximum clarity, and unlike glass there is no need for capping to protect against breakage or lamination

Words from our director


“People often assume these windows are made from glass, there are some companies that install glass into pools, however we only use Acrylic. Acrylic is a superior product for this kind of application, with no risk of breakage, giving way, shattering or delamination. Apart from the safety aspects, acrylic can also be cut, moulded and formed to a variety of shapes and sizes, is easy to clean maintain, and has a higher visual clarity than glass.”

Bevan Fogarty







Consult & Quote

Thinking of putting a pool window in your pool? Call us before you even start the design process to get some guidance on how to proceed! Your pool builder/architect or designer is most likely who we will work with the closest over the course of the project  – but its a good idea to get in contact with us early, and we can talk to you about things you may want to consider when designing your pool to get the look you want to achieve.

Once the project is ready for construction make sure you get your pool builder or builder to contact us early too so we can start the dialogue around the pool build from get go. There may be things to consider such as access, lifting equipment and lead times for certain size/shape or specially fabricated panels.

It is also imperative the pool and rebate(s) for the panel(s) are constructed correctly and to a standard that allows us to install the panels without any issues.

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Acrylic Installation

Our team of professional acrylic installers can offer installation of acrylic panels Australia wide. Our network of industry professionals around the world also mean we can help point you in the right direction for international installations.

As stockists of one of the most premium acrylic manufacturers in the world our Acrylic comes with a manufacturers 30 year warranty against yellowing and crazing. We also provide a 5 year silicone seal warranty for all installations utilising our acrylic.


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Acrylic Supply

Looking for supply only? We can help. Pool Windows Pty Ltd holds one of the largest stock on hand availability of acrylic within Australia. Our warehouse stock panels range in thickness from 30mm up to 120mm. Panel lengths range in size from 2M up to 9M and widths of 3M.

We can supply raw cut panels to anywhere within Australia and the Pacific region. We also offer optional fabrication services including polishing, bonding and painted edges.

Our large available stock on hand means we are also able to offer quick turnaround for your next project.

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Small Panels

Our experience working within the Aquarium industry on projects worldwide means we are able to offer services within this scope.

From Aquarium consultation to construction and maintenance, talk to us today to see how we can help.

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